A Tuesday in 2023

I'm currently into my second week of rehearsing Die Fledermaus by J.Strauss. I'm singing Rosalinde. 2003/4 I was singing Adele. I thrill at the progression. I feel very prepared and have been waiting over 2 years to perform this role.
The first few rehearsals I felt somewhat overwhelmed and my left shoulder was again in pain. Tension. Reflection and quiet helped me assess the situation. My breathing and support were not functioning optimally. There is an underlying tension that needs to be sorted out. I am still in that process.
Sarah Jane Brandon, my vocal coach and teacher, helps me regain a balance every time I have a lesson. We've been working together- all online- for the past 3 or 4 years and what a change in my voice! I also work occasionally with various coaches to get a different perspective and to make sure I am on the right track vocally and musically.
What I have learned is that having a problem or an issue is a way to gaining strength and resilience. Since I've addressed the idea of better support and optimal posture while singing I have lessened the issue of the shoulder pain. Until the pain completely goes away I will have to constantly be aware of how I am singing. The awareness of self is my gateway to vocal freedom.